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Constantly varied, functional movement at High Intensity in Pinellas County

Founded in 2011, and one of the first CrossFit affiliates in Pinellas County, CrossFit Pinellas is independently owned and operated. Our staff and coaches have experienced the results for themselves and take pride in seeing our members attain higher levels of fitness. Our workouts are quick, intense and built around exercises that are athletic and mimic movements found in everyday life. Here, you will not find the machines you would expect to see at a standard gym, here….you’re the machine. We utilize medicine balls, kettle bells, power lifting, olympic lifting, pull up bars, rowing and numerous other physical activities.

Each session is led by one of our Certified CrossFit trainers who will coach you in the movements and motivate you to perform at your top level. CrossFit Pinellas offers an unparalleled selection of more than 40 classes a week including: Work Out of Day (WOD), Foundations, Open Gym, and Yoga. We also offer Personal Training, Nutrition Clinics, Fitness Seminars, and a world class community of coaches and members to support you every step of the way. At CrossFit Pinellas we pride ourselves on helping people of all skill levels, shapes and sizes live happier, healthier and more active lives. Stop in and see us for an introductory class and a tour of our 5,000 square foot facility. You won’t just find a “gym”at CrossFit Pinellas, you will find a fit new family!

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Saturday 1/24/15 Partner WOD

Are you ready for some football? Teams of 3 which coaches select Two 10:00 Halves with 3:00 rest in between Decide how you want to accumulate points.  Score all field goals…….fine.  BUT, in order to get an extra point you must first score a touchdown. Touchdown (6 points) – Only two team members can work […]

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